The Story of our Bedroom Furniture

Catherine Evans
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Today’s blog is about the bedroom suite in the red room. Some people may wonder why we stick with a 4’6” bed in this room when the norm is now for king size beds, well the bedroom suite was bought when my grandparents got married over 90 years ago and I have an emotional attachment to it.

At the time I am sure it was top of the range and guests recently drew my attention to the label on the bed frame, shown in the photo. Research on the internet shows why the bed has such a springy design - ‘Staples have been making the finest quality handmade beds since 1895 and have steadfastly refused to compromise on their high standards. Staples began their journey at "Staples Corner" in London and are proud owners of the Royal Warrant which was granted by King George V. On October 26, 1915, when visiting his troops in France, King George V fell victim to an unfortunate accident. His horse, excited by the cheering crowds lining the streets, reared and fell, causing severe straining to the King's back. On his return to England, the King was advised by his physicians to sleep on a Staples bed - the unique construction of which had already demonstrated its superiority in maintaining correct spinal support, which we now recognize as being an essential ingredient in healthy, restful sleep. The fact that written permission had been given to the state that the bed had "given satisfaction" to the King was used in all literature and advertisements by the Company. In the ensuing years similar beds were supplied to many of the Royal Residences. Staples sourced its natural fillings from organic British farms, including His Royal Highness Prince Charles' Duchy Organic Home Farm.

Staples remained one of the UK's key manufacturers of quality, handcrafted beds, with a strong heritage of craftsmanship until 1986 when Staples Beds was acquired by Horatio Myers and production was transferred to their Huntingdon factory. In 2007 Hilding Anders took over Horatio Myers including the Staples brand, then in 2013 it was acquired by Steinhoff UK.’

As one guest described it recently it’s a bit ‘princess and the pea’ as the bed is quite high and springy but very comfortable. I can reassure you that the mattress has been replaced many times over the years and now has a Devon Wool topper as well to ensure you have a great night’s sleep.

The suite consists of the bed, a spacious wardrobe, dressing table, chest of drawers and bedding box, all in beautiful English oak. I am sure it would have been top of the range when it was bought as my grandparents only had the best of everything and would probably have been bought from a top department store such as Rackhams or Beatties!

If you are really worried about the size of the bed (over 6’ tall) then I suggest you book the green room which does have a superking bed, however, if you wish to sleep like a King and revel in the history then the red room is for you!


Bedding box
Bedding box
Dressing Table
Drawer detail
Double Bed

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