We have always grown our own food, composted the waste and recycled what we can.

Nothing is wasted – if we don’t eat it, the dog, pigs, or hens will. Water butts gather rainwater to be used in the garden through the summer months. Wood is gathered from all over the farm to burn on the 2 wood burning stoves that heat the main living rooms. A Sheila Maid hangs above one, efficiently drying clothes through the winter months.

Where possible we have changed to low energy light bulbs and have solar tubes fitted to the roof to provide energy efficient hot water to all the bathrooms, so hopefully never any shortage of hot water for guests.

Our latest move to a green way of life is the installation of Photo Voltaic (PV) panels. These use the ambient light to generate electricity, this is then used in the house or stored to batteries, with any surplus produced being fed back to the Grid. Hopefully we will see a big reduction in our electricity bills!

The next step is moving towards using only environmentally friendly cleaning products and encouraging guests to request washing of bedding and towels, rather than automatically changing it.

New for 2023 is an EV Charger

We are pleased to tell you that we have installed an EV charger, both for our own use and also available to guests to use during their stay.

Please mention your intention to use the charger whilst staying when you book. We will be charging for use based on our electricity tariff at the time of use. However, the unit is designed to optimise the use of solar generated power, continuing our commitment to renewable energy and sustainability


Green Travel

Guests wishing to travel by public transport can be picked up and dropped off in Cleobury, and cycle hire can be arranged locally.

Ludlow has a new car sharing scheme whereby cars can be hired by the hour or by the day from the Visitor Information Centre. Visit the Co Wheels website for more information. The 2L service runs between Kidderminster and Ludlow.

For information about accessibility and our facilities, please see our accessibility policy.

For more information on buying local food and drink in Shropshire, please visit Shropshire Hills – Buy Local website.


Buy Local - Support Local

Our ‘buy local’ philosophy also supports our sustainable lifestyle, by supporting local shops and businesses we also support the local community, ensuring a future. Fairtrade goods are also sourced for the hospitality trays, supporting locals in developing countries, particularly for tea, coffee and chocolate products that can’t be sourced locally – globally local!