More News from the Hen House

Catherine Evans
1 min read

Not long after the discovery of my black hen with chicks Mr Fox paid us a visit. Unfortunately I had forgotten to shut the pop hole into the Hen House and the fox killed all the hens and the cockerel, except for Blackie and her chicks who were in a different pen.  The chicks are growing but it is still impossible to tell if they are going to be hens or cockerels, I am hoping for 1 cockerel and 3 hens!

  Fortunately I have found a young poultry farmer locally and have been able to restock with 18 week old point of lay hens. There are 2 black Rhode Rocks, 2 White Star and 2 Bluebells - these are my favourite as they are such a pretty colour. Mr B&B was very rude about them, saying they were too small and unlikely to lay for a few weeks, they have proved him wrong and I have had at least 4 eggs every day since they arrived! Blackie is also laying again and all her eggs so far have been double yolked! 20180808_095013.jpgFree range hens at Broome Park Farm

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