Cheese Making

Catherine Evans
1 min read

Last week I took a couple of days off to attend a cheesemaking course in Oxfordshire. Having previously learnt how to make soft cheese, including halloumi, mozzerella and marscapone, Part 2 is all about cheeses that need time to mature. 

Our tutor, Louise Talbot from Cutting the Curd, is a farmer's wife and daughter, with a wealth of experience in making cheese and an excellent teacher.
 Denman College is the WI training base and a real haven where 3 course meals are served in the dining room and all courses stop for coffee and cookies in the morning and tea and cake in the afternoon!
The most startling fact was that 5 litres of full cream milk is needed to produce 500 grammes of cheddar!   I just hope it tastes amazing! Below are a few pictures - curds for the cheddar, my 2 camemberts and my truckle of cheddar before waxing.
cheese curds, cheddar cheese    20190224_115358.jpg    20190224_115334.jpg

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