Yarnbombing in Cleobury

Catherine Evans
1 min read

Strange happenings were about last Friday night when people in dark jackets were seen attaching woolly items to posts, benches and buildings. As dawn broke people woke to the news that Cleobury had been Yarnbombed – a curious phenomenom where everyday items are covered with wool! The highlight was this bike which was placed at the entrance to the High School where a Classic Motor Bike Show was taking place. Benches, trees and lamposts on the High Street where festooned with woolly flowers and the War Memorial was draped with garlands of poppies. Everyone was going around with smiles on their faces, trying to track down the culprits! A clue could be found at the Severn Hospice shop where a beautifully decorated wheelchair sat outside and the ladies inside were raffling a selection of knitted goodies! The bike has relocated to the High Street, next to the Bank, which appears to be spewing money onto the street (in wool of course!). Take a look if you get chance – they won’t be here for long!


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