Snow Days

Catherine Evans
1 min read


What a snowy few days we have had! I love it when the world turns white and we were lucky enough to have a beautiful day on Monday to enjoy the wintery wonderland around us.
On the farm the snow brings it's own challenges, mainly getting round to feed the animals, fortunately all the cattle are inside for the winter but the sheep are more challenging and food has to be taken out to the fields. The other big problem is keeping the water supply going as pipes and water tanks can freeze and will need defrosting so the animals have access to fresh water. Fortunately snow doesn't linger too long in Shropshire and it has almost disappeared now, good to enjoy it while it lasts!
Titterstone Clee in the snow from our drive        Broome Park Farmhouse in the snow         The view of the garden from Broome Park Farm

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