Pure Nostalgia

Catherine Evans
1 min read

I have been extravagant this week and treated myself to a traditional cake stand – the photo doesn’t really show off the stand to full effect – each plate is a different floral pattern, resulting in a nostalgic look. I also bought 16m of bunting – I’m not sure why, except it is so pretty! So next time guests come to stay their homemade cakes may be served on my new cake stand! The cakes featured in this photo are fruity flapjacks, made with jumbo oats and Alpen; gooey chocolate brownies; lemon and raisin drizzle bars and my favourite – traditional gingerbread. My great aunt used to make this so it really is nostalgic – she also made beautiful shortbread biscuits with ground rice in – I must see if my mother still has the recipe.


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