Grandmother's Footsteps

Catherine Evans
1 min read

Most mornings I manage to take Mack for a stroll around the field in front of the house but at the moment we are playing a game of cat and mouse with the ewes currently grazing the field! Although Mack is pretty good and doesn’t usually bother about them the sheep persist in following us! At the start of the walk I carefully survey the field and decide our route based on the location of the flock, always trying to keep the biggest gap between us and them! But no, as soon as we enter the field along they trot, in some misguided belief I am going to feed them and we start our game of Grandmother’s Footsteps – I walk, they follow; I turn, they stop! Hopefully at this point Mack has spied a pheasant or squirrel in some distant corner of the field and has headed off in optimistic hope of catching it before it takes flight or disappears up a tree, much to his annoyance! So far, so good and no traumatised sheep to date! Hopefully they will head off to the lambing sheds soon and we will have the fields to ourselves once more……until they are replenished with ewes and playful lambs! That will present an almost impossible challenge!


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