Extra Touches

Catherine Evans
1 min read

I am always looking for new ideas to enhance my guests stay with us and recently whilst staying at Millstream Cottage in Dunster we were given cookies in a jar in our room. So now cookies are on offer on the Broome Park Farm tea tray! Although I am going to have to refine my cookie making technique as most of the cookies I’ve made today are too big to fit in the jar!!

An update on the bees – we have had to requeen the hive so fingers crossed the new queen will have settled in by the time we hope to extract some honey at the weekend.

Combining is now in full swing – although repairs were necessary over the weekend – John is busy as long as the weather is fine! We also have 6 baby chicks – photos soon as I am too scared of the mother hen to get too near at the moment! John says she’s a sweetheart but not to me!


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