The 17th Century comes to Broome Park Farm

Catherine Evans
1 min read

One of the nicest things about running a B&B is the interesting people I meet and the many and varied reasons they have for visiting Shropshire. Judith and Des Thomas (Colonell Granville and Mistress Judith) are historical re-enactors and visit the local secondary school every year to give Year 8 pupils a taste of life at the time of the English Civil War – 1642.

I was surprised to learn they are Roundheads, not Royalists and Des explained to me that everyone at the time dressed the same, often reusing clothes and weapons from the battlefield, combatants wore identification features such as tree branches or a scrap of fabric to identify their allegience.

For the pupils I think the highlight of the day is the firing demonstration where they get to experience the noise and smell of muskets and a cannon. However pupils also learn about civilian life – 17th century games, food and way of life through artefacts and authetic foods for them to taste.


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