Covid 19 Risk Assessment 2021

This risk assessment aims to identify potential hazards and risks to both guests and hosts and identify actions to minimise risk.

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Pre/Post Arrival




Guests have Covid-19 on arrival

Ask guests to confirm in good health before arrival and signed up to track and trace app

Guest develops Covid-19 whilst staying

Guests must return to home address immediately

Guests contract Covid-19 within 14 days of returning home

Follow up email to check wellbeing and ask to be kept informed






Cross contamination between different groups of guests

Bubble protocol where only 1 party is accommodated at a time

Surface contamination of door handles, light switches and stair handrail

Regular cleaning with anti bacterial spray, deep clean between each set of guests

Guest sign in

Collect all data prior to guest arrival so no need for guest book

Key handover

Cleaned key to be left in bedroom door

Guest carrying contamination into the building

Hand sanitiser to be kept on hall table for guest use when entering and leaving the property

Cross contamination between guests and host

Maintain social distancing at all times, wash hands after interactions


Room Presentation


Residual contamination of room from previous guests

Use rooms in rotation, only allowing 1 party of guests to stay at a time, minimum 2 night stay, rooms deep cleaned and ventilated between guests.

Welcome folders and local information leaflets

Remove all loose leaflets from rooms, ensure all key guest information in plastic wallets to allow them to be wiped down between visits. Provide information on local websites ie.

Tea Trays

Minimise choice and number of items, thoroughly wash in hot soapy water between guests



Surface contamination of door handles and light switches

Regular cleaning with anti bacterial spray, after guests go out in morning and last thing at night, deep clean between each set of guests


Sitting Room


Contamination of maps, books and games