Sustainability Appraisal

Business Details

Name of business: Broome Park Farm Bed and Breakfast

Name of manager/ owner: Mrs Catherine Evans


Broome Park Farm

Catherton Road

Cleobury Mortimer

DY14 0LB

Telephone number: 01299 270647


Membership of Regional or National Schemes

Scheme: Local to Ludlow

Quality Scheme: Visit Britain

Rating: 4 Star Farmhouse

Date last assessed: July 2007

Scheme Information


What we are doing about it now

What we are planning to do in the next 12 months

Reducing our impact on the environment

Reducing carbon emissions and energy use.

Use of low energy lightbulbs, Installation of solar panels for hot water supply, Woodburning fires in communal areas, Air drying of washing.

Offer pick/drop off facility to local town to encourage use of public transport, Continue to source products locally where possible.

Reducing inputs to the business and waste.

Recycling and composting where possible.

Increase participation in local Freecycle sites to minimise waste, Change to Eco washing products, Reuse carrier bags, promote use of green bags.

Conserving water.

Water hippos fitted in all toilets, Rainwater collectors on all downpipes.

Request guests to ask for towel/bedding change.

Encourage guests/ customers to use public transport.

Membership of Walkers Welcome and Cyclists Welcome scheme.

Offer pick/drop off facility to local town to encourage use of public transport.

Reduce carbon emissions from vehicles.

Walk more.

Use more environmentally friendly marketing.

Only send out brochures when requested, Confirm bookings by phone or email.

Investigate use of only recycled paper products for marketing leaflets.

Benefit wildlife and landscape

Involvement in wildlife/ countryside schemes.

Farm Stewardship Entry Level Scheme.

Encourage wildlife to prosper.

Minimum use of pesticides in garden.


Follow advanced animal welfare guidelines.

Free range poultry, Home reared pigs.

Involve local people and visitors

Involving the community.

Volunteer in Cleobury Mortimer VIP point, Treasurer of local Chamber of Trade.

Improving facilities for the community.

Providing a service which is widely used by local people for family and friends.

Continue to provide Bed and Breakfast accommodation which supports the local community and other businesses, particularly when events are staged locally.

Increasing awareness of sustainability issues.

Promote low carbon initiative to others.

Continue to encourage others to trade more sustainable.

Encouraging sustainable enjoyment of the Shropshire Hills.

Provide amenities for cyclists and walkers to allow them to access the Shropshire Hills, including leaflets, books, storage facilities etc.

Develop my website to emphasis the sustainability of my business and the location of the Shropshire Hills.

Encourage involvement in historic or cultural heritage.

Member of supporters group for Oreton Lime Kiln, Member of Crooked Steeple Morris.

Continue to take an interest in local events.

Support the local economy

Using locally sourced goods and services.

Where possible I buy food locally or produce own.

Continue to expand range of local goods used and promote this on website.

Promoting the area.

Information and links on website, Recommendations to guests on where to eat and where to visit.

Development of website.

Developing new products or services

Supporting paid or voluntary jobs for local people

Participate in a network of like minded businesses

Membership of local business groups.

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