Bee Swarm

Having muddled along for several weeks with the bees I had a message to say Michael was coming to mark the queen – neither Sandra nor I had been able to spot her! He duly arrived yesterday morning and we opened the hive. Michael was immediately concerned about the number of bees! No queen – she had swarmed – probably only on Saturday, due to the hot weather and the number of bees in the hive. John was dispatched to trawl the hedgerows to see if he could find them – they initially only fly upto 100 metres, until the scout bees find a suitable home – but to no avail. There is a new queen cell in the hive which will hatch out in about a week, then it will be 2 weeks before the new queen starts laying eggs again – Michael will then return to mark her!

The gardens in the photo are at Orleton House which open in aid of the National Garden scheme – the final open weekend is 24-25th July – do go along – it is well worth a visit.