Bonfire Success by Catherine Evans :: 01st November 2009

cockerals - old and new

cockerels - old and new

The Bonfire and Fireworks were a great success – although I missed most of the fireworks as I was busy serving burgers and hot dogs. The firework display lasted for 25 minutes and there was a crowd of 2 – 300 people, plus all those watching from other vantage points in the village. The best news is that we think we have raised over £500 for the ‘Wear Pink for Wendy’ fundraising that had been taking place at the local pub – in aid of Breast Cancer Care.

The photo shows my 2 handsome cockerels – of the 6 eggs that hatched out in the Spring only 1 has turned out to be a cockerel – which is really good news as that means 5 more laying hens – I just need to find out where they are laying, as it certainly isn’t in the hen house!

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