Maize Harvest by Catherine Evans :: 14th October 2009

You may remember seeing fields of plastic in the spring – that was maize being planted! Maize needs a long growing season to maximise the nutritional value of the crop so the current trend is to plant the seed under bio-degradeable plastic. This allows the seed to be sown up to 2 weeks earlier and hopefully yields a bumper crop. This year we have planted fields using the new method and by traditional drilling but as the Autumn has been warm and dry there has probably been little advantage to the new method.

Whilst the crop has the appearance of corn on the cob it is not really intended to be eaten as such – it is still under ripe and will be turned into silage to feed the cattle through the winter. The earlier sown crop has already been silaged and the remaining fields will be harvested this week – we use contractors with specialist equipment so have to wait for their arrival!

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