Gin Galore! by Catherine Evans :: 30th September 2009

Here at Broome Park we are lucky enough to have some ancient hedgerows criss crossing the grass field in front of the house. They are made up of native trees – hawthorn, holly, beech, hazel and blackthorn. This time of the year all the fruits are at their best and this afternoon I have been collecting sloes. Sloes are the fruit of the blackthorn – small and bitter they cannot be eaten on their own but soaked in gin and sugar make fabulous sloe gin. Sloes bottled now will just about be ready for Christmas although I am trying to cultivate a vintage collection, storing for a year or more – I have just discovered a demi john of bullace gin in the cellar from 2006! Bullace are wild damsons – a sort of cross between damson and sloe!

To be continued…….

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