Garden Update

Thanks to all the rain(!) the garden is looking lush at the moment. As you can see Geoffry is grazing the apple tree and having no effect on the pigeon population who appear to sit on the greenhouse roof and jeer at him! In the foreground the leeks are doing really well, behind them the potato tops are just dying back – I have been harvesting new potatoes for the last couple of weeks. The raspberries (centre left) love all the rain – the guests remarked on the size at breakfast this morning – delicious with cereals or yoghurt (or both!).

Yesterday I spent tidying up the strawberry bed – rather overgrown and so many runners – I have potted up some to extend the bed in the autumn in the hope of a bigger crop next year – I only had 4 strawberries this time?! The beans are also growing well – we have been eating dwarf and climbing beans since the mange tout finished and the runner beans should be ready soon. Courgettes are also rampant – careful picking is needed to make sure they don’t end up are marrows! However some sun to ripen the tomatoes and lift everyone’s spirits is desparately needed – the corn harvest will be ruined if it continues to rain for much longer.