Last Sunday Sandra and I went on a beekeeping course at Hopesay Glebe Farm. It was an opportunity to learn about the art of beekeeping and get some experience of handling bees. The morning was spent in Phil’s sunny garden learning about the life cycle of the bees and the steps necessary to ensure a healthy hive. After a delicious organic lunch using homegrown and local produce (yummy honey and lemon cheescake!) we strolled along quiet country lanes to the hives. This was the scary bit and I was really unsure how I would cope with the bees but once I was suited and wearing protective gloves I was able to handle the frames with confidence. We then headed back to the house to see how to extract and bottle the honey – bringing a small jar of rape honey home as a momento of the day. Sandra and I now plan to share a hive in the Spring as her neighbours are not keen on a urban hive! Check out other courses offered by Phil Moore on his blog – I would certainly recommend them!