Hen Heaven!

The mother hen and her chicks have been moved into their own coup beyond the main hen house. She is very protective, making it difficult to photo the chicks! They are growing at an alarming rate, consuming a vast amount of chick crumb. The piglets have finally been named by my visiting sister and friends – Spot, Diane and Lily!

Another busy weekend with a Band gig on Saturday and Dancing Out at Hartlebury Castle and Harvington Hall (both worth a visit) today. I have found time to make orange/lemod curd – delicious on granary toast! and elderflower cordial although it is a bit browner than normal and not so syrupy? I hope it will taste OK.

Unfortunately the Marches Energy Agency were runners up in their category for the Ashden Awards – but you can still see the video they made at www.ashdenawards.org/videoandphotos.