Garden Progress

Everything is growing well in the garden – the strawberry plants all have lots of flowers so hopefully we will get a good crop. Beyond them John has planted beetroots and carrots and today I have planted a few more mangetout (under the mesh to keep the pigeons off), spring onions and mixed salad leaves.

Beyond that are some mini sweetcorn plants that I started in the greenhouse – these really take up too much space for the amount of crop returned but I like to have lots of different crops! Finally there are my 3 new blueberry bushes – these won’t fruit for another 2 years but will hopefully establish themselves out of the wind by the hedge.

The onions and shallots I planted in February are growing well, as are the first crop of salad leaves – the egg shells are supposed to keep the slugs away! The are also mangetout under the mesh and spring onions too. Between the rows of onions John has planted more root crops – companion planting, especially carrots with onions is supposed to ward off carrot fly.In the greenhouse I have lots of bean plants ready to plant out once the ground is prepared and over 40 tomato plant – no, I don’t know why I need that many either!