A Starring Role!

Breakfast looked so good this morning I just had to take a photo!

Becky and I have become film stars this week and will be expecting the red carpet treatment everywhere we go – well almost! Cleobury has been part of a 3 year project to reduce our carbon footprint and the project has been so successful it has been shortlisted (1 of 2) for an award from the Ashden Trust. This meant a day of filming to show off what has been achieved – all to make a 5 minute film! Becky spent the morning at Hobsons as part of a group looking round their sustainable energy initiatives, then Nick the cameraman filmed Simon, one of the project co-ordinators, talking to my Year 7 class at Lacon Childe school about sustainable energy.

The day ended at Broome Park to film the changes we have made here as a result of the project. That included the solar panels installed in 2007 – working very succesfully to generate most of our hot water from April to October; underfloor insulation above the cellar; wood burning stoves and low energy lightbulbs. The Awards ceremony is in London on the 10th June and the film will be shown then! We may be available for autographs if we win!!