Cider Making

Washing and ScrattingSunday was Cider making day. We gathered with friends in the shed to pulp the apples ready for fermentation. We had collected a selection of apples – traditional cider apples, eaters and cookers which were all washed before pulping. Washed apples are fed into the scratter and forced through with wooden plungers. The pulp is then pressed to remove the juice. This year we used 2 presses and this speeded up the process, we had always been waiting for the press before.

PressingThe pressed juice can then be drunk, frozen (to be drunk by guests later in the year!) or turned into cider. Cidermaking is a bit of a black art and we are continually experimenting! The general concensus is leave well alone and hope for the best! Last year this philosophy resulted in a quite palatable brew – and there is always mulled cider for that which even die hard friends won’t drink!!

We are all planning to meet up in the Spring to compare the end result – could be an interesting afternoon!!